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“When it comes to hearing care, I have never experienced the level of patient care, competence, and attention to detail, as I have at Knoblach Hearing Care. I would highly recommend this team of professionals to anyone experiencing hearing loss”

Dr. Alan J. Snider        
D.O., Surgeon        
Founder of the Sun Coast Hospital,        
Largo, FL       

"I have been a Transportation Safety Director for many years. During that time, I have been around a lot of loud motor coach engines.

It was evident that I needed to improve my hearing, as I was having trouble communicating with student drivers, employees, and above all, my wife! So I responded to an ad, and had my hearing examined by Dean Knoblach.

The way the staff greeted me, and Dean's expertise, all put me at ease. When the results were explained, my options reviewed, I felt confident that the right kind of hearing instruments could really help me, and that could even make my wife happy!

Since then my hearing instruments have proved to be a great improvement at home, and have performed so well around bus noise that I can continue with my career!"

Bob Dasch        
Pinellas Park, FL        

"I had been to quite a few places before I went to Knoblach Hearing Care. It was always the same. Buy a new pair of hearing aids and go back for numerous fittings never quite getting it right.

Then I decided to visit Knoblach Hearing Care. Dean was so wonderful! He took his time testing and properly fit my hearing aids the first visit!

A few months later I began to have problems again. Dean took one look at my ears and rushed me to a specialist for cochlear infections.

If it weren't for Dean's knowledge and expertise I would of completely lost my hearing within 48 hours.
Thank you Dean & Viki!"

Ruth McCracken        
Largo, FL        

"A few years ago an office nurse using a kit cleaned the ear wax from both my ears. It was very painful and not very effective. Recently, my hearing became so bad that it had to be taken care of regardless of any pain.

This time, I chose Dean Knoblach, a specialist in ear problems. In two visits, my major ear wax problem was analyzed, treated with painless equipment, and my hearing is 100% back to normal.
I would be very happy to recommend Knoblach Hearing Care to anyone with a hearing problem!"

Dick McNamara        
Largo, FL        

"Yes, It’s me again, the transplanted policeman from Brewer Maine! For years now, I have been enjoying my first set of hearing aids from the Knoblach’s. Though they have always helped me a lot, lately I found myself guessing a little more in some noisy situations.

When they tested my ears and found that my hearing had changed, I was impressed with their actions. First off, Dean reprogrammed my 4-year old hearing aids to match my new level of hearing loss. He said, “If that takes care of the problems, then you’re done - no charge!” Then he went ahead and fit me with a pair of the latest State-of-the-Art hearing instruments to try out (free for a week!!) so I could hear the difference that all this new technology had to offer. Wow! What a difference, too! I hear 100% better in noise, and the fit is so comfortable that I don’t even feel them in my ears. They’re almost invisible too…even to my wife! The automatic telephone feature sounds strong and clear, too (with no whistles or pushing buttons!!).

The time and effort that Dean put into making them perfect is why I go to them for all my hearing needs and send all my friends to their office. For people who have worn hearing aids for a few years, take it from me, our hearing goes with our age and the technology to correct it is getting better and better all of the time. So, it really pays to get checked and updated to new aids every so often. I’m sure glad that Dean gave me that new pair to try. I would never have guessed that they have improved them so much.

Chuck Shuman        
Brewer, Maine / Largo, Florida        

PS: Dean’s 3 year-old daughter picked out this picture as she sat with me while her dad tuned my new hearing aids. It’s a family feeling whenever I go to their office."

"If only I had known! Several years ago, I decided it was time to invest in hearing aids. Unfortunately I didn’t go to Knoblach Hearing Care at that time. I became very discouraged with the hearing aids that I purchased at that office, and made many trips back and forth for “corrections” that never happened. I finally just took them out, put them in the drawer, and decided that they were not for me.

After seeing the Knoblach ad so many times I decided to go up and see what they had to say. I was very impressed with the equipment they have, and thoroughness of Dean’s examination. After much discussion, I decided on a pair of new hearing instruments.

I now have wonderful hearing! I can hear all of my grandchildren easily, and have even had to tell my wife to “lower the voice”. To top it all, they’re so comfortable that I actually forget that I am wearing them.
I have been very impressed with the expertise and professionalism that Dean and his entire staff have shown, and I would gladly recommend him to anyone I know who has trouble hearing. This has been the best investment I have ever made!"

Charles Slamin        
Fairway Village #356        
Largo, FL        

"Dr. Dean Knoblach,

Wanted to share this with you. After missing out on so much of what was going on around me, I came in last October for all the normal reasons. During our initial conversation I told you that I spend a lot of time in the deep woods and mangrove creeks while fishing and often encounter rattlesnakes and bees. I'm retired, I'm able to take my grandchildren with me now and I want to be able to hear those tones again for all the obvious reasons. You said you understood and after a short time I re-entered much more of the hearing world around me as I wore my aids for the first time.

Pleasantly surprised with my new hearing abilities and armed with my trusty fishing stuff it wasn't long before I decided to test both. It was about mid December, very pleasant outside, I was thinking small tarpon maybe nook- under 25 pounds- mid morning- top water plug (3" body/Zara Puppy) Penn 6'6 Power stick- somewhere along Joes Creek mid Pinellas County, mall island.

So there I was, minding my own business just enjoying the same island that I'd visited many times before when from about 25' I spotted that snake we had talked about. It was stretched out lying in the early sun. I stopped and was able to get my camera from my backpack before it picked up my presence and decided to go RATTLESNAKE all over the place. It coiled up and went off. I wasn't sure what it said, I don't speak snake. I do know what it meant, it meant that even from 25' I can hear a 6' plus RATTLESNAKE!

It meant that I felt much more confident in my abilities to protect those I'm with when I'm entrusted with their care. It meant I'll have company on my trips when the Grandkids are ready. That SOUND meant that the investment was worth it. I was able to convince that rattlesnake to allow me to take some photos so the people back home wouldn't think grandpa was telling stories again. I hope that 3" lure is close enough to the head for some scale along with the portion of the rod. We soon both agreed that enough photos had been taken, and that so far no one or snake was harmed during the filming of this encounter. We left in peace. I instantly thought of you and couldn't wait to see you again with the photos and story. We missed each other a couple times but got to share my story with your staff and I wanted to follow up.

Thanks again        
Capt. Bob Raola        

P.S. Caught 1 small tarpon and stopped to listen to a bee hive I passed by for the first time in years."

“Since my daughter has seen how good I can hear, my little granddaughter Ashley can now come over and stay with me!”

Mary Geske        
Clearwater, FL        

“The loss of other senses separates people from things, whereas hearing loss separates people from people.”

Helen Keller        

"John I are 84 and 91 years old and everyone still says ours is 'THE perfect marriage'. We both enjoy singing at the Country Club, choir at the Christ Presbyterian Church and volunteering at the Largo Cultural Centre. But perfect marriage or not John's hearing aid was failing.

He only had one aid because past doctors told us that nothing could be done to help his right ear (the side I'm always on in the car). So you can imagine the frustration of repeating everything as John's only hearing aid got worse.

I finally told him that he had to do something or we would have to get a divorce! I wanted better results than John's last hearing aid. A friend told us to go to Knoblach Hearing Care because her husband 'just loves his'. We scheduled an appointment to see about a new hearing aid for John's left ear.
Correcting John's hearing loss in his left ear was one thing, but the testing also revealed John had something called 'recruitment' in his right ear. A hearing aid with something called 'digital compression' would correct this problem and John would be able to hear well on the right side too. 
I wish you could see John's face as he heard my voice in his right ear for the first time in years! Now John can hear me better than ever, but he never hears me talk about divorce any more…I'm keeping him!
Yes, Dean, a hearing aid can save a perfect marriage.

Largo, FL